The World’s Most Famous Office Building

When presented with the opportunity to pitch the rebranding project of the Empire State Building, our passion and love for the World’s Most Famous Office Building kicked into high gear.

The power, scope and importance of the massive rebuilding of the Empire State Building was strongly communicated though all branding communications. All marketing and advertising efforts followed a strategic path to support ownership in its successful completion of the rebuilding as well as the re-leasing of the Empire State Building.

• Photography
• Brochures
• Direct Mail
• Email Marketing
• Event Collateral

• Digital & Print Advertising
• Media Planning & Buying
• Marketing Center Installations
• Interior / Exterior Signage

In it for the long-haul

This long-term client went public in 2013. We handled all the initial graphic re-branding for the new entity and have since then been awarded the design and execution of the company’s annual report.