The Evolution of an Existing Brand

We worked with Stonehenge to build a well-established and well-regarded luxury NYC residential rental brand. A Stonehenge residence is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle; a community; an enriching experience—all the insights that informed our creation of the tagline Live Better Here.

A powerful, new, memorable brand emerged with clear, concise, consistent messaging that rendered the Stonehenge experience more accessible to its own residents as well as their target audience—the luxury NYC renter.

• Website and Landing Page Design
• App Design
• Re-brand, Tagline, Positioning
• Digital & Print Media
• Responsive Email Marketing
• Custom Interactive Map
• Floor Plan Design

• Window Signage, Bridge Signage & Permanent Building Signage
• Social Media Content
• Guerilla Marketing
• Lifestyle Videos
• Commercial & Retail Marketing Flyers

Remote Leasing

We worked with Stonehenge leadership to facilitate the design and development of their new web platform which gave them the ability to advertise and lease their residential rentals with an entirely online process. Virtual tours, combined with an intelligent and scalable CMS powered by a custom database all played a role in modernizing their leasing process.