The Evolution of an Existing Brand

The goal for Stonehenge was to take a well-established, well-regarded luxury NYC residential rental brand and evolve it. We quickly discovered that a Stonehenge residence was more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle; a community; an enriching experience—all the insights that informed our creation of the tagline Live Better Here.

For the company’s visual brand refresh, we drew inspiration from the existing red in its logo. Stonehenge should own the red—a vibrant, bold, playful palette against which we would marry NYC-centric lifestyle and location photography to create a crisp, clean, dynamic visual brand in the marketplace.

A powerful, new, memorable brand emerged with clear, concise, consistent messaging that rendered the Stonehenge experience more accessible to its own residents as well as their target audience—the luxury NYC renter.

Look for a new Stonehenge website coming soon.

• Brand Refresh
• Tagline & Positioning
• Brand Guidelines
• Digital & Print Media
• Responsive Email Marketing
• Website Design (Coming Summer 2018)
• Custom Landing Page Design
• App Design
• Custom Interactive Map
• Floor Plan Design
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